KwikTic has a wealth of dashboards and reports to allow you to keep up to date which production activities, progress and quality. Below are some examples:

Batch Progress

Where is a Batch or Production Order? What work is complete, outstanding. When can it be ready for delivery?

Visualise Live Production Line or Cell Performance

View each line section or Production Cell, showing OEE (Availability, Productivity and Quality) on 1 simple dashboard. This includes percentages shown on gauges for OEE, Availablity, Productivity and Quality, with a Pareto of line stoppages, Pareto of quality issues.

The dashboard also has a live Timeline showing each product as it is processed and any stoppages. The timeline also colour codes any processes where defects were found, making it easy to spot any trends in performance from numerous points of view.


KwikTic offers a wide range of other specific reports.

  • First Pass Inspection & Test Yields
  • Various Defect analysis reports
  • Target vs Actual performance metrics
  • and many more.