KwikTic is designed by engineers for small to medium size customers. Powerful, scaleable, flexible and affordable we’ll boost your productivity and your competitiveness.


Lets use a few analogies:


Just Like a GPS helps guide drivers to get from A to B, KwikTic helps direct production through the correct Process Route.

With more information available at the required points, it helps decision making, Reduce Errors and ultimately speeding up to process as no paper instructions are required.



Need to find details, including production status, about a Production Order, Batch, Serial Number or Types of Products, etc.. It’s all immediately available.

And since every detail is Tracked, Traceability requirements ar also provided.


KwikTic provides a wide range of Reporting and Dashboard features, covering Production, Quaulity, Process Performance and many other manufacturing Performance metrics.

OEE can be displayed Live, even with mixed production.

  • Create transparency so you know what’s happening.
  • Provide useful data to make informed decisions and drive activities.
  • Identify areas to improve.
  • Provide process control to increase repeatability.
  • Increase quality while reducing assembly time.
  • Record every touch of your product providing traceability and accountability.
  • Maximise your return on investment and your bottom line.
  • Delight you and your customers.