Every customer is different. Different Size, Production Requirements, Processes, Resources, etc.

KwikTic offer a range of pricing options to suit everyone. But more importantly ROI can be very quick and in some cases virtually immediate.


We offer outright purchase and scale-able subscription:

Outright Purchase

One off payment and use KwikTic forever. There is an OPTIONAL Support Contract after the 1st 12 months (which includes all upgrades), but it’s up to you if you take it or continue to use the version your on.


Rather than pay for everything upfront, KwikTic offer a monthly subscription service, where extra seats can be added or removed to suit the ups and downs of your business requirements.

No large capital investment is required, other than initial Commissioning and Training.

Options start from £1.00 ($1.30)  per user per month.

Scale-able and Easy to get your ROI

You can start small and expand KwikTic’s use as you grow, both in terms of:

  • Number of users
  • Options/features in use..

It also enables a fast and easy deployment.


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