Keeping track of defects and repairs is greatly simplified with KwikTic’s visual Interface. Any attempts at logging issues with paper systems or intensive keyboard input into spreadsheets, Access or similar systems can be a thing of the past.

  • Keep track on Quality.
  • Spot trends based on Parts, Products, Batches, Processes, Areas, Users, etc.
  • Monitor 1st Pass Yields.
  • Track Repairs.
  • Tools to Improve your Processes and Designs.
  • Reduce non productive time.


With 3 simple clicks, a whole host of information about faults can be recorded and reported on later. Simply:

  • Click the defective part on the image.
  • Click the Failuremode (Fault Type).
  • Click Repaired or Reported (fixed or awaiting a fix).


  • Add Comments.
  • Store pictures
  • Choose which process likely introduced the problem.

KwikTic displays an image of the product with all items linked to the BOM (Bill of Materials). Simply click a part to record an issue – KwikTic knows the part number and a whole lot of other information about the part clicked and the corresponding product, batch and serial number, amongst other data.