Work Instructions help you build it right the first time. KwikTic guides and trains your operators reducing build time, improving yield and eliminating rework. By going digital with KwikTic, you’ll:

  • Eliminate cumbersome paper processes.
  • Ensure everyone always has current information.
  • Improve Quality.
  • Reduce operator skill set required.
  • Reduce Training.
  • Increase the flexibility of your workforce.


  • Centralised storage of all Work Instructions.
  • Revision Control.
  • Interactive, Graphical and User Friendly with the right level of information at the right time.
  • Easily create, store and recall work instructions from a central location .eliminating the search, placement, removal and physical storage of paper documents.
  • Import BOM, CAD and pictures programming your product in minutes.
  • Create work instructions within the application–point and click, drag and drop from popular applications like MS Word, or download from your MRP.
  • Provide assemblers pictures of the assembly, location of part, part number, and supporting media like pictures, PDF’s, documents, and video.
  • Easily edit, add variants and manage revisions.
  • Track Times / efficiently.
  • Enforce how regularly they must be followed.
  • Operators can reorder parts from their work station – More efficient restocking process.
  • Part Traceability.
  • Record Test Results and Values.

  • KwikTic Work Instruction can be used with:
    • Serial Numbers
    • Batch Level
    • As a Centralised Instruction repository
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