KwikTic is open for business as usual – we will however be working remote via TeamViewer, and other than the courtesy of Face to Face meetings mean business as usual.

Are you helping the fight? Use KwikTic for free.

In addition, we feel compelled to help the fight against this Global problem where we can and will offer KwikTic and our services FREE or at cost to any companies transitioning over the Ventilator (or similar) manufacture. (This will need to be limited to Europe and USA due to available resources and time zones).

If you need to provide Traceability or Instructions to operators to get them up and running consistently to produce quality products – please contact us. You could be up and running in days.

We hope our existing customers understand our reasons for offering this to others, but this is a situation where we all need to pool resources and look beyond our own interests.

Stay Safe everyone!

David Pickavance and KwikTic Team!