KwikTic set out in the 2009 with a vision to solve common manufacturing challenges and support businesses and to hopefully succeed with changing the complicated and costly systems that they have in place. From the very beginning, we designed KwikTic to be a practical, simple and affordable system; written by engineers with over 30 years of industry based experience, we believe that we have made this credible.

We know what businesses need to fulfil their day-to-day operations, and we believe that KwikTic makes a big impact. We have created a platform that helps you assemble products easier, faster, and better. After all, isn’t quality, productivity and innovation at the heart of every manufacturing business?

With customisable options and interfaces, KwikTic can, and will work the way you want it to. From businesses that are just starting out, to well established manufacturers, KwikTic provides live feedback of quality, productivity and profitability. We even offer evaluation programs and affordable subscription plans.

We are passionate about our user’s experiences, constantly striving to improve existing features and innovate new ideas in our continuous improvement strategies. Your success is ours. We love partnerships and see it as our role to support our customers to the highest level. We don’t want you to have the pain of large investment. With KwikTic, you can start small and you’ll only come asking for more when you see the benefits and the savings. That’s how we work, we grow as you succeed!

We know first-hand that a reliable system for your business is key for progress. Get in touch with any enquiries that you may have, and let’s see if KwikTic can serve you any better, and Keep It Simple.

Sincerely, Dave
David Pickavance – Owner


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