10 Reasons how KwikTic can help manufacturing in these changing times

A photo from one of our valued customers working from Home with KwikTic during these unusual times.

1. Reduced Contact

Since KwikTic collects and shares data between all manufacturing departments, live instructions can be clearly available either for operators or management and all levels in between. Some of our existing customers have been using KwikTic from Home to monitor production, plan, train operators and keep track of any issues.

2. Live Reporting

Whether on site or home working, KwikTic reports show a live and up to date picture of what is happening on the shop floor.

3. Focused Improvements

With fewer face to face meetings and less time on the shop floor, problems and opportunities for improvement can be easily seen with KwikTic.

4. Better Training materials

KwikTic Work Instruction are fully interactive and more intuitive than PDF or Word documents. With live links to BOMs, latest revisions, specific Production Order requirements, the operator has all the latest information available.

5. Flexible work force

With KwikTic Routing and Work Instructions, operators and production can be scheduled to suit ever changing environments with a full guidance and reporting on current situations.

6. Fewer Meetings

Both Event manager and KwikTic production reports can reduce production meetings to less than 10% of what is usually spent.

7. Improved Productivity with fewer personnel

With all the correct information live at relevant work areas and production progress fully visible and live, scheduling and planning becomes much more efficient.

8. Easier compliance

KwikTic will enforce only the correct processes to be complete at the correct time, fewer mistakes are made. Since all activities are recorded, along with any other available production data, (Test, Calibration results, etc.), all records are naturally maintained ready for any audit or compliance requirements.

9. Improved planning

If everything always runs like clockwork, we could plan and forget. But having live feedback on progress, quality, shortages, etc. ensures waste is reduced be adjusting plans accordingly.

10. Future ready

Times are changing, even though we do not know exactly what the future looks like, we do know it will be different. KwikTic is utilised by some of the top names in manufacturing and gives them that extra edge. KwikTic continues to strive to provide help all its users to improve efficiency and become more flexible to deal with both foreseeable and unexpected problems ahead.

If you are interested in finding out more about KwikTic, please contact us for a discussion and an online demonstration.

11. Covid 19 Key Manufacturers

Oh! – we nearly forgot to mention that we want to support those combating Covid 19 and are willing to offer KwikTic free of charge for such projects.