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Kwik Tic - Inspect

During production, defects are sometimes detected. If logged in the correct manner - trends of how, where, when, etc.., can be realised and improvements put in place to reduce or eliminate their occurrence. It's not always the case that one variable influences the likelihood of a defect. So, at KwikTic, we took the approach that if every known detail is logged about each individual defect and the processes which the product experienced earlier - then there is the basis for discovering common factors and interactions to understand the circumstances which bring about these quality issues. With understanding, we have the ability to focus our improvements in an efficient way.This idea is all well and good - but we should not be adding extra processes or increasing product cost. Any method should be non-intrusive to the current process. KwikTic enables defects to be recorded in less than 3 seconds. In addition, the amount of information recorded is not compromised - in fact it is much more comprehensive than one would expect.

  • Faster
  • Comprehensive Information
  • More accurate


Once a serial number is entered (typed or scanned) - defects can be added with 3 simple Clicks.

  • Click 1.. Where - i.e. which component is/was faulty
  • Click 2.. What was the fault.
  • Click 3.. What action was taken (i.e. Repaired immediately / put aside for REPAIR / Scrapped) 
With Touch Screens the process is even faster.Other Features
  • Comments can be added.
  • With Web CAMs or USB Microscopes, Photographs of issues may be added for later review / reference.


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