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Kwik Tic - Test

KwikTic Test enables Test Results to be recorded in a common database with all other (inspected) defects and repairs.

It also provides a way to see the Root Cause of test failures, when they are repaired.

Knowledge Base - the repair station can be used to suggest common defects / fault reasons which have previously caused the same tests failure.

  • Reduce Fault Diagnostic Times
  • Reduce skill level for common fault diagnostics
  • Full quality reporting/history on Test Failures
  • Traceability of test data


Intelligence - Repair History

As tests are recorded - KwikTic learns the common causes for certain failures. Therefore, it can suggest reasons why a failure was detected.

e.g. During TEST_ABC, an OPEN CIRCUIT failure was detected at STEP7. KwikTic may suggest 80% of these failures are due to component D3 having INCORRECT POLARITY.

In this case, a quick check can prove if this is also the case on this occasion - eliminating the need for further fault investigation.

Operation In Brief


Your Test equipment can pass all test results into a KwikTic Stored Procedure. The whole process logs the results without any operator data entry.


For each serial number - the operator has the option of recording results for each test step. A step can be either Pass or Fail (and can store a measured value if desired).

If a step fails - then a failure mode can be entered.


Tests can be aborted or completed after a fail has occured and more than one fail per serial number is possible.

There is also a quick way to record all test steps as passed by pressing the All Pass Button.

Then - start the next serial number.



Logging Test Reults Manually - Scan serial number then work through the test steps or press All Pass. - (Click to Enlarge).


Log Failures against specific Test Steps - (Click to enlarge)




(Click Image to Enlarge)


  1. Select the Test Fail form the list.
  2. KwikTic shows the historical fixes for this issue.
  3. When you click the chart (see 2), the component is highlighted on the product Image.

This can greatly reduce the Fault Investigation process. E.g. Operators may visually see the fault cause if pointed in the correct direction.


(Click Image to Enlarge)

Simply record the repair in the same way as you inspect:

  1. Click faulty part
  2. Choose a Failuremode
  3. Select if the fault has been repaired, reported or scrapped.