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Serial Association

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Keep track of all serialised components and sub assemblies as they are assembled.

As products are assembled, they may have other 'Sub Assemblies' fitted to them, or they may become a 'Sub Assembly' for a larger product. Basically, we could start off by producing several items which all then get assembled into a final product. For example, the following example assumes we are interested in recording certain component serial numbers as they are assembled to make up a PC Computer.

Recording these Serial Number Associations as product is assembled enables traceability for a final product through to all details about it's components and sub assemblies (and visa versa).

It would be simple to find all products which had components with a common feature. Such features could include Components or Sub Assemblies which:

  • Were assembled on a certain day
  • Have a certain batch of Material used on them (e.g. adhesive Lot No.)
  • were processed through a particular piece of equipment or tooling
  • were purchased with a particular Purchase Order.
  • etc...



The association need not stop at the final assembly. It is also possible to associate all products despatched in a particular consignment.

Associations can still be maintained with Field Returns / Repairs. As new components are fitted - the history is also maintained.