KwikTic Industry 4.0 MES Manufacturing and Shopfloor Data Collection software. Quality, Productivity and Traceability Software

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Example Uses

Track and Tag

Track product with either 1D, 2D Barcodes or simply by manually typing serial numbers.

Tag virtually ANY information to each Batch or Serial Number. E.G.:

  • Material Used
  • Process Temperature
  • Humidity
  • etc.

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KwikTic Suite Modules

KwikTic Overview

If you Manufacture Batched or Serialised Products - KwikTic could reduce Waste, save Resources and Improve your Quality.

At KwikTic we offer a range of tools and solutions to allow you not only to monitor your processes, but to actually improve Quality and Production throughput. This is done by focusing engineering and management at production issues. On a particular product it can be easy to detect - (but how about common issues with a particular component type - but only inside specific product groups). KwikTic get you to the real issues faster than you could imagine.

All this is achieved with minimal operator input. Product is tracked through the various processes with barcodes (or manual entry). Issues are logged with 3 clicks.

As a result, a full picture of your manufacturing activities are available immediately at the touch of a button - from any location where you have access to your intranet.

Modules exist for each part of your process - from Goods In to Goods Out. - Even field Returns and Repairs are covered.

Individual Modules can be employed, or KwikTic can be deployed across your whole facility.

Find out how by looking at the Module Features or our Examples Articles on the menu above.

  • Enables full product Traceability
  • Improve Quality
  • Improve ProductivityPaperless
  • Version Control and Up to Date Information
  • Centralised Data Storage - easier to manage
  • Realise the questions you never knew needed asking.
  • Local and Remote Access
  • Scaleable

Main Features

Paperless Product Information

Track and Tag










 Batch Management




  Serial Number Association