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Existing Users

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Existing users range from small businesses to large multinationals. Some use all features, while others use specific areas. The saleability of KwikTic ensures there are solutions for all.

Below is a sample of some of our users:




Below are some of the kind comments and feedback from some of our customers:


"Before going to Electronic Work Instruction, our paper systems were becoming more difficult to manage and control what versions were available within our flexible manufacturing environment. The introduction of KwikTic immediately took control of creating, issuing and version control of virtually all of our shopfloor instructions."


"Having initially purchased KwikTic for Work Instructions, we soon started to utilise other features. The Product Routing has totally reformed the way we work. No paperwork and now live visibility of Job progress."


"We are a global electronics business and within our UK manufacturing facility we have been using the Kwik-Tic software for a number of years. During this time the Kwik-Tic team have engaged with us to enhance and develop the software to tailor it to meet our needs. This has proved to be a positive relationship and has yielded a system, which whilst is still subject to ongoing enhancements, is easy to use but very powerful, particularly for capturing and then presenting the data for further analysis. Using the Kwik-Tic software within our manufacturing processes has enabled us to objectively understand exactly the quantity and type of defects; and which products they relate to. This has then enabled us to take focused action on specific areas of concern, then instigate necessary actions to resolve the defects. The result of this effort is that we have seen a significant reduction in our defects over time, which has had a positive impact on rework and therefore lowering quality costs. We are very happy with the Kwik Tic team and the software and look forward to further enhancements in the future, to enable us to increase our quality and productivity levels."


 "Quoting for new Aerospace and Medical work has always been a time consuming task. Now with KwikTic, the full traceability and documentation records are taken care of with very little effort during both the tender and manufacturing stages. We even provide the same services to our other customers now. In fact, as well as it being seen as a bonus to our customers, it actually improves our efficiency and quality."


"Simple and Effective!"


 "Scalability & simplicity was the deciding factor. We had heard of MES software and seen how huge and complex such systems were. KwikTic, it appears,  does it differently, providing powerful and useful tools at a fair price and no hidden extras. But most importantly, it is very simple to use and integrates nicely with a wide variety of our operations and processes. It saves us time, resource and gives us and our customers peace of mind."